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Visit AGCO during the World Ag Expo, Tulare, Calif., Feb. 13-15, 2018 – Between

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The Hesston brand has been a leader in delivering hay and forage harvesting innovations for more than 70 years. Today, AGCO and Hesston by Massey Ferguson continue to deliver innovations that improve productivity and increase efficiency. Whether harvesting crop from a few acres or baling thousands of tons of prime alfalfa for export, we have the tools and the know how to help every hay producer harvest a top-quality product.

Check out the full line of equipment from Massey Ferguson and Challenger, including our newest innovations for hay, specialty crop operations and large commercial crop producers.

NEW Product Introduction – 2370 Ultra High Density (Ultra HD) large square baler reinvents our tried-and-true large square baler from the ground up to meet the needs of large commercial hay growers and operations that bale hay or biomass for export. The industry's first Class 8 square baler, it produces heavy, dense bales from light-weight, dry, slick grass and hard-to-bale crop residue. It’s built tough to deliver the throughput and reliability needed when tons-harvested-per-day is driving an operation’s profitability. The industry’s first Class 8 square baler, from the brand that introduced the very first large square baler in 1978. You’ll be amazed at how these bales stack up!

NEW at WAE – WR9900 Series Self-propelled Windrowers are built to meet hay producer’ and custom harvesters’ requests for more performance, power and comfort. The 265-HP Model WR9980 is our most powerful windrower yet, able to handle heavy crops such as thick grass, heavy alfalfa and winter forage. Four powerful versatile models capable of running disc, auger or draper headers fit the needs of any operation. A 2018 AE50 award winner, it’s the latest innovation from Hesston, the brand that introduced the industry’s first self-propelled windrower in 1955.

Square Baler Classification System from Hesston by Massey Ferguson ® This easy-to-use tool helps hay producers select the right square baler for the crops they harvest and their end-use needs. It places square balers in classes 1 to 8 using rated plunger load, the most measurable factor impacting the density of the finished bale. We’ll have balers and bales representing these classes on display. Another industry-leading innovation created to meet the needs of our hay and forage customers.

NEW at WAE – Challenger® MT700 Series Track Tractors . The world's most technologically advanced track tractor has been rethought and re-engineered to deliver exceptional performance, a new level of ride comfort, operating efficiency and on-board intelligence to maximize productivity and profitability.

Massey Ferguson Global Series Heavy Duty Utility Tractors: 4700, 5700 and 6700 This family of 70-130 hp tractors was developed from a clean sheet through the largest single manufacturing and new product project in AGCO’s history, six years and $350 million investment, using AGCO’s worldwide resources and expertise. Modern and straight-forward, they’re built extra tough to handle big jobs and offer the highest overall weight, hydraulic capacity, lift capacity and largest, quietest cabs in their class. Affordable, handy workhorses, with many best in class attributes. See them during WAE.

Specialty Crop Tractors ­Massey Ferguson® is committed to providing specialty crop growers with high quality tractors for use in orchards, vineyards and high-value produce operations, including the MF4610 high clearance utility tractor for high-value produce operations and the MF4710 and MF6713 low profile models for orchards, vineyards and poultry barns. They continue Massey Ferguson’s 170-year-old legacy of farm equipment manufacturing and nearly 90 years of providing innovations in tractor technology to farmers around the world.

Take the Massey Ferguson Backhoe Challenge - a fun, entertaining and educational challenge for the "big kid" in all of us. Try your hand operating the backhoe on the GC1700 Series subcompact tractor, or watch our tractor experts use the convenient, easy-to-use backhoe attachment to drop a bolt into the top of a construction cone. Everyone who completes the challenge, wins a prize!

Five 2018 ASABE Award-winning products: AGCO is honored to be recognized by the ASABE with five 2018 AE50 Awards. These products typify our commitment to delivering innovative design and technology in our products.

  • Hesston by Massey Ferguson® WR 9900 self-propelled windrowers.
  • Hesston by Massey Ferguson 2370 Ultra HD large square baler
  • Challenger MT700 Series track tractors
  • Datatronic 5 operating system and control terminal, in the Massey Ferguson 8700 Series tractors
  • RoGator C Series row crop applicator with LiquidLogic application system

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