Feb. 2 2018 02:08 PM

EXPRESS Udder Hair Removers are available for sale

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Coburn introduces new Udder Hair Removers for 2018. Express Udder Hair Removers, distributed by The Coburn Company, Inc., provide an easy, fast, economical and safe alternative for removing udder hair.

Express Udder Hair Removers are a great option for udder hair removal to combat mastitis. Removing udder hair helps reduce the spread of germs and allows for faster, more thorough udder preparation prior to milking. Robotic milkers identify teats easier once udder hair has been removed. Udder hair may have to be removed more frequently during winter months due to quicker hair growth in the colder temperatures.

Express Udder Hair Removers are set-up in less than two minutes and hair removal is quick and easy. The soft flame provides a sensation of warmth and is painless to the animal. Hair removal is done by drawing a figure-8 pattern, 4-7” below the udder for two to four seconds. Units come in two designs – straight and angled – making them useful for every operation. Units come complete with hose, fuel regulator for 14 oz. propane cylinder (cylinder not included) and flint striker. Item numbers shown below:

  • 572-5655 Express Udder Hair Remover with Angled Wand
  • Ideal for stanchion barns
  • 572-5656 Express Udder Hair Remover with Straight Wand
  • Ideal for milking parlors

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