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Where is American agriculture headed in 5, 10 or 20 years? The average age of the U.S. farmer is 60. Half of America's farmland is going change hands in the next 12 years. Twenty percent of our food is imported.

On Feb. 25-28, filmmaker Graham Meriwether will be in Wisconsin screening his documentary, “Farmers for America,” which tells the story of young people across the country who are stepping up to steward the land and feed America.

The free film viewings will be Feb 25 in Madison, Feb. 26 in Green Bay, Feb. 27 in Amherst and Feb. 28 in Stanley and are being hosted by Wisconsin Farmers Union and supporting partners. Following several of the events, Meriwether will lead a panel of local farmers, who will share the stories of their farms, their challenges and their hopes for American agriculture. Our goal is to inspire, support and celebrate young farmers in Wisconsin.

The documentary, narrated by Mike Rowe, also traces the extraordinary changes coming to America’s food system as more and more consumers flock to farmers markets, embrace farm-to-table lifestyles, and insist on knowing where their food is coming from. At the center of the film are the farmers, young and old, who provide the spirit and energy to bring urban and rural America together over what both share in common: our food.

Screening sites include:

• FEB 25 - MADISON: 3-5pm, 3pm networking followed by screening, UW Biotechnology Center, 425 Henry Mall, Suite 1132. Co-hosted by the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.

• FEB 26 - GREEN BAY: 5:30-8pm, 5:30pm refreshments, 6:15pm screening and 7:20 farmer panel, Neville Public Museum, 210 Museum Place. Co-hosted by The Rogue Road, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, New Leaf Market, and Weston A. Price Green Bay.

• FEB 27 - AMHERST: 6-9pm, 6pm potluck, 7pm screening and 8:20pm farmer panel, Jensen Center, 487 N. Main St. Co-hosted by Central Rivers Farmshed, Tomorrow River Chautauqua, UWSP Students for Sustainability.

• FEB 28, STANLEY: 6-9pm, 6pm networking, 7pm screening and 8:20 farmer panel, Stanley Theater, 131 N. Broadway St. Co-hosted by the Stanley-Boyd FFA Alumni.

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