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The United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM) recently honored the Shuler family of Baroda, Michigan with the 2018 Excellence in Dairy Promotion award. This award recognizes one outstanding Michigan dairy farm family for their dedication in promoting dairy foods and the dairy community.

Bill and Carolyn Shuler, along with their sons Billy and Wyatt, “live and breathe dairy education and promotion,” said Teri Freehling, who nominated the Shuler family for the award. Shuler Dairy Farms is a fifth-generation Centennial farm that hosts thousands of visitors each year.

Shuler Family Recognized

After they graduated from Michigan State University (MSU), Bill and Carolyn’s sons, Billy and Wyatt, expressed their desire to continue farming. With that, in 2015, the family planned and executed a major transformation to the dairy farm, building a new barn with robotic milkers and tunnel ventilation, all while keeping cow comfort in mind. Because they are so dedicated to promoting the dairy story, during the renovation, the Shulers also thought of their tourists and included an area for greeting visitors and a walkway above the cows for optimal viewing. They have hosted visitors from all over the world, including Asia, South America and Europe.

Every year, the Shulers generously give their time and knowledge to helping the youth of the dairy community, answering questions from the general public, and reconnecting people with their food sources.

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