C B A D. C sorts to the top of the class with her overall advantage in dairy character, straightness of lines and correctness of mammary system. C uses her advantage of dairyness, being sharper over the shoulder, more open in the rib, cleaner from hooks to pins, and more incurving in the thigh to place over B. C also is higher, wider, and fuller right at the top of the rear udder than B. I do recognize B for her width and strength through the front end, especially when viewed from the rear.

In a close middle placing, B goes over A. B has an advantage in the mammary system, being wider in the rear udder, showing more definition of seam. I prefer the way her teats are placed when compared to A. B also stands more squarely on her hind legs when viewed from the rear, and I prefer the set to the leg and strength of pastern on B over A. I do grant A for being a little longer cow from end to end than B.

In a logical bottom pair, A uses her advantage in mammary system, straightness of topline, levelness from hooks to pins, and neatness about the tail setting over D. I prefer A especially in the balance of fore to rear quarters and height of rear udder attachment over D. Admiring D for her extreme dairyness, she just lacks the overall blending of parts and strength of udder attachments to place any higher.

Justin Burdette, Mercersburg, Pa., placed the HOLSTEINS. He is a partner in Windy-Knoll-View Farm with his wife, Claire, daughters, Reese and Brinkley, and parents Jim and Nina. The Burdettes milk 125 registered cows that are predominantly Holsteins with some Jerseys, and Red and Whites that average 25,000 M. They also crop some 600 acres. Windy-Knoll-View has earned over 60 All-American nominations. The family also actively merchandises cattle and performs embryo transfer. Justin has judged all seven breeds at numerous county, regional, state, and national shows. Prior to returning full-time to the home farm, Justin spent 10 years as a cattle fitter.