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International Protein Sires (IPS) added several new genetic leaders resulting from the April sire summaries. “We are excited with our newest wave of genomic proven young sires. These genetic leaders continue to meet our customer’s demands of durable and profitable cows that are a pleasure to own and work with. They also satisfy those desired traits like show winning type, polled, red color and the ever popular A2A2 milk enhancement,” stated Ron Sersland, IPS President and CEO.

Joining the IPS barn of high index genomic proven sires is 566HO1297 WINCHEL at +2773 GTPI. This would rank WINCHEL #51 on the TOP 200 GTPI list. WINCHEL is a superior production bull at +1,973 lbs. milk, +87 lbs. fat (+.05%) and +59 lbs. protein. Conformation traits are equally impressive at +2.23 type,+1.98 UDC and +2.05 FLC. In addition, this complete package transmits the desired A2A2 trait. WINCHEL has an abundance of pedigree clout, being a Frazzled son from a Delta daughter.

566HO1293 SEASAW remains a very popular genomic proved sire at +2762 GTPI; ranked #66 on the TOP 200 GTPI list. SEASAW has impressive production numbers; +1,720 lbs. milk, +76 lbs. fat (+.04%) and+63 lbs. protein (+.04%). His health traits are also notable at +7.3 PL and +973 DWP$. In addition, SEASAW shows commendable conformation; +1.93 type, +2.25 UDC and +1.57 FLC. This breed pacesetter is a Bandares son from a Supershot daughter. And, the next dam is an EX Mogul daughter with an EX mammary system.

566HO1301 KINGSTON is a new genomic proven sire at +2757 GTPI with a #74 ranking for GTPI. Among KINGSTON’s attributes, components reign supreme; +108 lbs. fat (+.24%) and +66 lbs. protein (+.12%). Also, look for KINGSTON to improve type and stability; +2.28 type, +1.98 UDC, +5.7 PL, and +992 DWP$. KINGSTON is a Harmony son from a Yoder daughter backed by multiple generations of high production with superior components.

566HO1300 CATCH ON joins the wave of new genomic proven sire releases at +2727 GTPI. CATCH ON is also among the Top 200 GTPI sires. A genuine balanced bull, CATCH ON’s performance is +681 lbs. milk, +76 lbs. fat (+.18%) and +43 lbs. protein (+.09%). His type follows strong at +1.69, along with +2.29 UDC and +1.92 FLC. And, his daughter pregnancy rate is +3.2. CATCH ON’s pedigree stack is Jedi, Delta and then, Predestine.

566HO1289 PRIMERIB, at +2450GTPI, is both homozygous polled and red carrier. As to performance, PRIMERIB is +1,155 lbs. milk, +57 lbs. fat (+.05%) and +44 lbs. protein (+.03%). Conformation qualities include; +1.80 type and +1.37 UDC. Many polled bulls today are sources of strength whereas PRIMERIB is aAa coded 213 (tall, dairy & open). In addition, PRIMERIB is calving ease at 6.6%. PRIMERIB is ranked among the Top 10 homozygous polled bulls based on GTPI.

566HO1298 CLASSY BOY rounds out the new additions at IPS with an exciting +3.14 type rating. His udder composite score is close behind at +2.36. CLASSY BOY’s production yield +1,133 lbs. milk is equally notable. This Meridian son is from an EX-92 Doorman daughter that was All-American and All-Canadian.

These newest genetic leaders elevate the stature of the IPS Holstein sire lineup. And further, they bolster the IPS philosophy to provide the desire balance of superior performance and conformation; prerequisites of dairy farmers worldwide. IPS semen may be obtained throughout the world from company employees or independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may obtain additional information about IPS through their website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593