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We expect a lot out of our dairy cows, as we aim for higher energy corrected milk, while maintaining body condition and strong reproduction. Listen in on this recap of the de Souza/Lock abstract from Michigan State, 2017 where they fed different blends of Palmitic and Oleic fatty acids to determine what the best balance is for ECM across different production levels.

What you will learn:

  • The highest ECM for high producing cows in the study was a blend with more Oleic (60:30 ratio of Palmitic to Oleic), which can be formulated with .75 lb. EnerGII and .25 lb. Palmitic Prill.
  • Although not included in this study, EnerGII is a natural blend of 50% Palmitic & 35% Oleic (outside the positive range of treatments in this study on high cows)
  • Regardless of production level, more Oleic meant improved body condition, with no treatment differences in dry matter intake.