May 1 2018 09:53 AM

    milc talks focus on bringing thought provoking practical solutions to Dairies.

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    milc group is proud to offer milc talks, a new series of meetings with topics that address issues in today's Dairy industry.

    The first set of talks are titled “You love to dairy...ICE and labor issues...not so much!” Attendees will learn how to protect their dairies from ICE and how to retain and recruit dairy employees more effectively. The speakers are Anthony Raimondo (labor attorney) and Bruce VandeSteeg, DVM (dairy business consultant).

    Meeting schedule:

    Hilmar, CA May 8th 2018 6pm

    Fort Morgan, CO May 15th 2018 12pm

    Windsor, CO May 15th 2018 6pm

    Tulare, CA May 22nd 2018 5:30pm

    “Dairy farming is a complex and competitive business. New ideas with practical solutions are needed to thrive as a Dairy in the future. Milc talks are a great way to learn from each other and develop those solutions ” says Manuel Soares, CEO at milc group.

    The meetings are free of charge but space is limited.

    Milc group is a California-based company that brings innovation to the dairy industry through technology, consulting and education. Our philosophy, “You feed the world. We nourish your business.”, is at the core of all resources that milc group brings to the market. Learn more at