May 10 2018 09:35 AM

Along with, ECM, Forming a New Division Under the IMV Technologies Group

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BCF Technology, pioneers in veterinary ultrasound for over 30 years, has joined forces with another successful animal reproduction and imaging company, ECM (Echo Control Medical), forming a new imaging division, IMV imaging, under the IMV Technologies group.

IMV Technologies, have been a leader at the forefront of innovations in animal artificial insemination and embryo transfer for over 50 years, with operations in more than 130 countries and established subsidiaries in the USA, India, China, Italy, and the Netherlands.

As of May 9th, 2018, BCF Technology and ECM will officially come together and form the imaging division under the IMV Technologies Group, which will be known as IMV imaging. From May 9th you will see the name, BCF Technology, and ECM, replaced with IMV imaging.

Imaging Director, Alan Picken stated, “We can reassure you that the people, as well as the values behind the BCF brand, will remain after the transition to IMV imaging. This merger provides us all with huge opportunities to grow ourselves and seek wider training and organizational opportunities in the wider IMV Technologies group. The current directors and senior management team will continue to lead the company as IMV imaging and they all remain 100% committed to the values of partnership, learning, and innovation, which helped build BCF to this point.”

The merge under IMV Technologies will allow BCF Technology to deliver a wider portfolio of products to our customers worldwide, and ultimately, deliver improved animal care.

Carl Bollum, General Manager, explains, “As IMV imaging we will be able to reach new heights, providing you an expanded range of equipment with the same knowledgeable and trusted team you’ve always worked with.”

IMV imaging, your complete animal imaging solution.