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Form-A-Feed announced its scholarship winners for 2018. Each year scholarships are given to graduating high school seniors and first year college students who are pursuing an agriculture related career at a 2- or 4-year college or university. This year, five students were chosen to receive scholarships out of over 30 applicants.

Makenna Winkelmann

Shelby Kuechle

Ashlynne Beninga

Abbey Schiefelbein

Payton Diepold

Makenna Winkelmann from Morgan, MN received a $1,000 scholarship. She will be attending South Dakota State University where she will be studying Animal Science. Shelby Kuechle from Eden Valley, MN has been awarded a $500 scholarship. In the fall she will be attending South Dakota State University where she will be studying Dairy Cattle Genetics. Ashlynne Beninga from Inwood, IA was also given a $500 scholarship. She attends Iowa State University with a major in Agriculture and Society. Receiving a $250 scholarship was Abbey Schiefelbein of Kimball, MN. She will be going to Kansas State University with a major of Food Science. Also receiving a $250 scholarship was Payton Diepold from Stewart, MN. He will be studying Business Education at Winona State University in the fall.

Congratulations to all the scholarship winners. We wish you luck as you go on into your careers in the agriculture industry.

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