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Red Shed Feed, a new company targeting the animal feed and supplement business, is launching a new retailing and logistics technology at World Pork Expo this week in Des Moines, IA.

The core of the technology is a world-first self-serve portable store concept which allows livestock producers and pet owners to purchase feed and supplements at any time. These new Red Shed Feed EZ Stores are completely self-sufficient and can be located virtually anywhere, including the most remote rural areas.

The EZ Stores use an innovative RFID-based system to manage sales and fulfillment. Each product will have a unique RFID tag which will be recognized by doorway readers when products are removed from a bay in the store, allowing quick, convenient sales.
The technology platform also includes an e-commerce site which will give customers the choice of purchasing products online and having them shipped to them or going to the nearest EZ Store and purchasing there. Customers will be able to see available products in each store through the web site, making it easier to decide where to purchase.

“Our platform addresses two key challenges facing feed retailers and distributors today: poor demand visibility and inefficient inventory management,” said Red Shed Feed co-founder Drew Ryder. “We expect to be able to respond to changing customer demand more rapidly by having more direct communication with customers and monitoring buying trends in different areas. A big advantage we have over traditional retail feed stores is the ability to locate closer to where customers live and farm.”

Red Shed Feed also plans to provide customers with expert advice and nutrition recommendations. “There’s a big gap in this area right now, particularly with smaller livestock producers,” Ryder said. “People need help understanding how they should be feeding to get specific results and what supplements can be used to keep animals healthy or treat them when they get sick.”