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Over the weekend, the AG Act has been added to the “compromise bill”, otherwise known as Goodlatte #2 (H.R. 6136).

As you may recall, Rep Denham (CA-R) discussed introducing a 3rd and separate bill for agriculture since the modified version of the AG Act had been removed from both of the recent immigration bills (Goodlatte #1 & Goodlatte #2) that were moving at the time.

Last week Goodlatte #1 didn’t pass. However, now that the modified version of the AG Act has been added to the compromise bill (Goodlatte #2), it is unlikely a 3rd immigration bill just for agriculture will be allowed for a vote. Bottom Line: this could be our last shot at ensuring a labor force for any of the foreseeable future.

The Chairman has made several recent significant additional modifications to the AG Act:

  • Lengthened time periods for H2C visas
  • Increased the number of visas
  • Allows transition time for movement from H2A to H2C
  • Adds additional liability protection for farmers/workers who petition to be in the new H2C program
  • Additional improvements are still being considered
Without each member of our industry making a rigorous effort to ensure your legislator will vote to support the AG Act contained in the Goodlatte #2 bill (H.R. 6136), we won’t have the votes needed to pass this bill. If we cannot pass this bill, we will be left with our workers living in the shadows and hoping ICE doesn’t show up at our door.

If you have already contacted your legislator, you must contact them again. If you haven’t contacted your legislators yet please do so now. You can find your legislators contact information here:

If you don’t know who your legislators are, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with their contact information. Feel free to e-mail or call them.

You must tell them they must support the AG Act contained in the Goodlatte #2 Bill (H.R. 6136)! This bill is expected to be voted on very soon. Action needed NOW!

The immigration rollercoaster has been fast paced, complicated, and confusing. PLEASE contact us if you have any questions at

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