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Efficiency or Safety? Tygon Allows Both.

Rotary milking systems can significantly increase a dairy operation’s productivity with the ability to milk up to 800 cows per hour, which reduces milking time and operating costs. While increasing dairy farm efficiency is a positive, safety and hygiene must be considered when collecting and handling raw milk. Dairy farm operators should also consider the tubing when selecting a rotary milking parlor provider.

Rotary milking parlors were designed to automate the milking process and to decrease milk’s contact with humans and air, which can cause premature spoiling. Milking parlor tubing plays a major role in safely transporting the milk from the cow to the consumer. Milking a large number of cows successively and automatically can boost productivity but it should not impact safety.

Raw milk collection can pose a few challenges to tubing performance and longevity. Milk fat absorption, butterfat buildup, milkstones and milksoil can clog the tubing and create hospitable conditions for bacteria growth. The inner surface of tubing used for collection activities should have a smooth, non-porous inner surface to reduce buildup. Tygon® S3 M-34-R milk tubing’s design includes this feature along with resistance to embrittlement, which can shorten the service life of other tubing. Its non-wetting properties allow easy cleaning and complete drainage, ensuring that cleaning agents are not absorbed in the tubing. Tygon S3 M-34-R milk tubing is phthalate and BPA-free, and has been specially formulated to reduce the risks that can occur with rubber tubing use.

For those concerned with the use of rubber, Tygon® II silicone milk tubing offers ultra-high purity characteristics with extremely low extractables and leachables. Tygon II tubing does not contain plasticizers or other additives and by-products that can leach into the milk during raw milk collection and cause toxicological issues. It is highly flexible and resistant to kinking. It also offers flexibility during hot and cold temperatures and has a smooth inner bore (similar to Tygon S3 M-34-R) that reduces potential for particle entrapment.

Saint-Gobain provides the materials expertise to meet the needs of dairy farmers everywhere. Choosing the right raw milk transfer tubing with benefits that include kink resistance, tear resistance, milk fat absorption resistance and cold flexibility can help to safeguard milk processing equipment. Our product performance leadership combined with global consistency and regulatory compliance make our product the best choice for manufacturers and dairy farmers around the world.

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