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On Wednesday, July 18, over 3,700 people gathered to experience the Great Dairy Adventure, where the dairy community brought components from dairy farms to the Michigan State University Pavilion in East Lansing. At the event, attendees were able to pet calves, milk a cow, learn that cows eat a diet balanced by dairy nutritionists, enjoy dairy treats and learn about the steps milk takes on its journey from cow to grocery store to the family table.

“For nearly 20 years the entire dairy community has worked together to bring the Great Dairy Adventure to mid-Michigan, each year adding new components and expanding on favorite activities,” said Carla McLachlan, Program/Events Manager, Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University. “We recently added four ‘Fun Runs,’ dairy crafts and ‘Farming in Action’ — a 1/64th scale display depicting a working dairy farm.”

Through the national dairy campaign, Undeniably Dairy, visitors also colored in a 10-foot mural that celebrates our devotion to dairy from the farm to those who enjoy dairy foods.

Michigan is home to nearly 1,600 dairy farm families that care for their cows each day. Michigan dairy farmers and dairy community members who hosted the event also shared details of how they care for cows, what they love about dairy farming and answered questions about dairy farms and milk.

“The dairy community is proud of the dairy foods we produce, and the Great Dairy Adventure provides an opportunity to share our dairy story and to answer questions,” says Jolene Griffin, Director of Industry Relations at the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. “As a member of a Michigan dairy farm family, I appreciate that the Great Dairy Adventure provides another avenue for us to share our passion.”

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