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Borden Dairy Company, a heritage American brand and leading U.S. dairy processor and distributor, today announced that Adrienne Chance has been appointed to the newly created position of Senior Director of Corporate Communications.

Previously, Chance led the communications team at global sports entertainment brand Topgolf. During the last six years, she oversaw communications through 36 venue openings, two acquisitions and a quadrupling of Topgolf’s workforce. Her success was recognized by PR News, which awarded Chance its 2017 Top Woman in PR Award for positioning Topgolf as a globally recognized lifestyle brand. Chance has also worked at Southwest Airlines and

T-System, a healthcare IT company.

“Chance is a proven leader in the crucial field of communications,” said Borden CEO Tony Sarsam, “We are happy to have her as part of a team that will lead Borden to new successes. Chance has amazing experience in positioning a company and in growing an energized and exciting consumer brand, which is a perfect fit for the new Borden.”

As Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Chance will be responsible for both the internal and external communications strategy at Borden and will be tasked with bringing Borden’s message to consumers while also strengthening the team through informative and engaging two-way communication.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Borden team,” Chance said. “I am excited to help bring this iconic American brand into the future and reintroduce the beloved Elsie to the next generation of consumers.”

Chance is an active member of the service community. She volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters, serves on the Board of Directors for the Veteran Golfers Association and is a Customer Advisory Board Member for Workplace by Facebook. She and her husband Brent live in North Dallas.

Chance holds a degree in public relations from the University of Florida.