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Compeer Financial is proud to announce their collaboration with Annie’s Project – Education for Farm Women (APEWF), a program, which provides educational programs designed to strengthen women’s roles in the modern farm enterprise. Annie’s Project, their flagship course, fosters problem solving, record keeping and decision-making skills in farm women.

Annie’s Project was launched in 2003 by University of Illinois Extension Educator, Ruth Hambleton, in tribute to her mother, Annette Kohlhagen Fleck. As a farm wife, Fleck faced many challenges while working with their enterprise. She became successful through making thoughtful, knowledgeable decisions. To continue her mother’s legacy, Hambleton began to provide educational resources for modern-day women in agriculture. Farming is a complex business and more and more women are becoming active partners and owners in their farming operation. Annie’s Project provides resources in educational sessions with topics from five risk areas including: financial, human resources, legal, market and production.

As an Annie’s Project collaborator, Compeer Financial will assist in providing Annie’s Project programming to farm women who reside within the three-state territory. “Building a diverse and knowledgeable team is essential to farm operations wishing to grow and succeed in creating a lasting legacy,” said Rebecca Binsfeld, Client Education Specialist at Compeer Financial. “Whether the sole owner/operator, holding an off-farm job or anywhere in between, women in agriculture provide valuable and unique insights.

Compeer Financial is thrilled to offer the opportunity for women to continue to grow their farm business skills while creating invaluable connections to other women in the field for years to come.” In 2018, Compeer Financial will provide several stand-alone, Inspired by Annie’s Project™ events that will feature speakers, a panel discussion, alumni and networking. Any women involved in agriculture are invited to attend. In 2019, Compeer Financial will offer traditional Annie’s Project programs in several areas throughout the three-state territory. These sessions will meet in January through March, once a week for six weeks. “We are pleased that this collaboration will enhance our reach into the three-state territory,” said Claudette Roper, APEWF Director of Administration. “We receive program requests from this area quite regularly and look forward to seeing these needs met.” For additional information, visit your local Compeer office or look online at or

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