Hoard’s Dairyman China

The inaugural issue of Hoard’s Dairyman China was launched at The First International Conference of Calf and Heifer in Baoding, Hebei, China. This effort will bring the best insight on dairy research and practical farm solutions to the world’s fastest growing dairy sector.

The CN Agri Science group will lead the publication efforts in China with Dr. Cao Zhijun serving as the editor-in-chief and Jiaying Ma as managing editor. Both are affiliated with the China Agricultural University and the greater Chinese dairy industry. That foundation will support Hoard’s Dairyman’s long-standing guiding principle to bring fact-based research to dairy farmers.

Cao serves on China’s Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle Committee, as deputy general secretary of China Cattle Science Association, and as the secretary general of the Calf and Heifer Association in China. That latter experience provided the ideal setting to launch Hoard’s Dairyman China at The First International Conference of Calf and Heifer.

The well-attended calf and heifer gathering featured speakers from seven countries, making it a truly international event. Dr. Cao, Corey Geiger, co-editor of Hoard’s Dairyman China, Jiaying Ma, and Christopher Bielecki from the United States Embassy in Beijing presented the first issue of Hoard’s Dairyman China to 350-plus Chinese attendees.

At the onset, Hoard’s Dairyman China will be published quarterly in print with electronic articles delivered weekly on the WeChat platform. WeChat is the leading mode of electronic communication in the world’s most populous country, with over 900 million Chinese using the mobile platform. A website www.hoards.com.cn also will assist Chinese readers in finding the world’s best dairy information.

“This is a historical opportunity to transform the Chinese dairy industry,” said Dr. Cao. “We can send a new wave of information to guide the development of the dairy industry. It is with these high ideals that we will work with our industry colleagues.”

“For 133 years, Hoard’s Dairyman has been a friend to dairy farmers by providing practical information on science, technology, and cow care,” added managing editor Jiaying Ma. “We plan to bring this unwavering support to our Chinese readers and dairy farmers, too.”

Hoard’s Dairyman China will include carefully selected content from the English edition, which is published 20 times annually. Cao and Ma also will work with Chinese specialists to report in-country research.

Jennifer Lu, international economic development consultant with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection, added, “This publication also will help promote Wisconsin and the U.S. as the global leader in dairy production in China.” It’s Lu who facilitated efforts to create the Hoard’s Dairyman China.

“This magazine has a rich tradition in the United States,” added Christopher Bielecki, Deputy Director of the U.S. Embassy’s Agricultural Trade Office in Beijing. “In reviewing the first issue, Hoard’s Dairyman China mirrors that science-based narrative grounded in practical on-farm application.”

“It has been proven that when countries grow their dairy industry, domestic dairy product consumption grows, too,” said Brian Knox, president of W.D. Hoard & Sons Company. “With that in mind, we are pleased to add the Chinese edition to our family of publications that include English, Japanese, and Spanish.”

China’s first goal is to produce a glass of milk for every child.

“It’s been estimated that there are 7.2 million dairy cows (Holsteins and local breeds) on commercial dairy farms in China. Those cows must serve nearly 1.4 billion citizens,” said Corey Geiger, co-editor of Hoard’s Dairyman China and lead editor of the English edition of Hoard’s Dairyman. “In contrast, the U.S. has 9.4 million cows providing for 325 million Americans.”

To contact Hoard’s Dairyman China, email editors@hoards.cn or call 010-62720998. The offices are located at Room 5063, Building 3, No. 10, Tianxiu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.