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Globalization in the dairy industry is a reality, and every day, farmers must become more competitive and efficient in a global market. Technology is evolving quickly, and the dairy industry is no stranger to this. Nowadays, the daily data on a farm is difficult to manage without herd management software to help the farmer, and consultant, enter and analyze all the information. Professional software is key to successful modern dairy herd management.

For this reason, UNIFORM-Agri has launched this international project, with the goal of helping farmers measure their herd management proficiency. Herd productivity and performance will be analyzed using data from 5 countries: Germany, France, Spain, USA and Canada.

UNIFORM-Agri will be providing a subsidy for the purchase of the UNIFORM software to a limited number of participants per country. These farms will automatically and anonymously provide data for milk production, fertility and herd health. The UNIFORM team will train and advice participants how to optimize the use of the UNIFORM program. Data will be analyzed in collaboration with a Dutch University, specializing in dairy production. Results will be published periodically and distributed to participants to monitor personal performance.

This project will span at least 2 years, during which individual farmers will be recognized for overall herd performance and management improvements.

For more information, contact Shawnna Finnerty at or 866-807-6111.