Oct. 1 2018 04:27 PM

New product solutions for dairy and forage producers: • Roll-Belt™ round baler with Goweil Kombi bale wrapper • MegaCutter™ triple disc mower-conditioner • DuraDisc™ disc mowers • Discbine® 209 and 210 disc mower-

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

New Holland continues to deliver first-class hay and forage equipment with the introduction of the Goweil Kombi bale wrapper. Combined with Roll-Belt round balers, the Kombi bale wrapper can bale and wrap simultaneously while reducing contamination, improving quality, effectively helping producers maintain the most value from their forage crops.

“Baleage has gained enormous popularity with cow/calf producers in humid and wet regions where hay dry-down is a challenge. The option to place hay baled at a higher moisture in sealed storage provides more flexibility for hay crop storage,” says Curt Hoffman, New Holland Crop Packaging Marketing Manager.

A New Holland Roll-Belt™ round baler with Goweil Kombi bale wrapper gives haymakers the ability to bale and wrap in one operation without the need to make a second pass, or enlist another operator, tractor and bale wrapper. Time, labor and fuel costs are reduced. Bales are wrapped as they are made, before they ever touch the ground, so there’s no contamination from soil. This decreases the chance of bad fermentation and spoilage that can impact weight gain and reproductive performance.

“When it comes to making dense bales, New Holland round balers can’t be beat,” adds Hoffman. “Making more compact bales reduces baling time as well as handling, wrapping and transportation costs. Dense bales also weather better with less loss, and improve nutritional value, because of their ability to shed precipitation and resist absorbing moisture from the ground.”

Winning the race for quality hay

“Once hay is cut, the race for quality is on,” says Jordan Milewski, New Holland Crop Cutting Product Marketing Manager. “Metabolic and weathering losses can have a significant impact on crop quality, so whether making baleage or dry hay bales, the faster the crop can be cut and put up, the higher the feed value preserved.”

In tight harvesting windows, when crop quality is at its peak, MegaCutter™ triple disc mower-conditioners cut more than just hay. By cutting a massive 33-foot, 6-inch swath with every pass, resulting in approximately 40 acres cut per hour, the high-capacity MegaCutter triple mower reduces costs by mowing more acres in less time and with less fuel. The 510 and 531 plain triple mower models are ideal for silage making where conditioning is not always required, while the front-mounted MegaCutter 512 and rear-mounted 533 are best for contractors and silage makers who need to dry hay fast. Their extra-wide cut reduces mowing time and the conditioner, available in roll or flail, helps to dry hay faster and deliver higher value feed.

Additionally, MegaCutter 533 is ISOBUS compliant and easy to operate from the IntelliView™ IV display and integrates Automatic Headland functions, which activate sequential raise to perform seamless turns.

Right tools for the job

“With their durability, simplicity and convenience, DuraDisc™ disc mowers are a perfect complement to the WORKMASTER tractors,” says George Rigdon, New Holland Mower Product Marketing Manager. “They’re the fast and effective way to cut hay crops, from grasses and legumes to dry hay and high-moisture hay.” DuraDisc mowers deliver a clean, uniform cut. QuickMax™ knives provide quick and easy knife changes for optimal cut quality and minimal downtime. Quick hitch compatibility on mounted models simplify moving the tractor from one task to the next, such as tedding or raking.

Whether cutting delicate legume crops or grasses, the new Discbine® 209 and 210 disc mower-conditioners cut crop closely, cleanly and quickly and condition it uniformly for faster dry-down to conserve more tonnage per acre. Providing a smooth, finished cut, the QuickMax™ knife change offers the convenience of speed, taking seconds to change knives, which expertly minimizes downtime. The MowMax™ modular cutterbar, ShockPro™ hubs, which protect the internal cutterbar, and QuickMax™, are joined by a new feature, the advanced up-and-back flotation, which also protects the disc mower as well as crop stubble. Haymakers can choose the gentle conditioning of rubber chevron intermeshing rolls, steel chevron intermeshing rolls (for harvesting long-stem grasses and winter forage crops) or flail conditioning for fast drying of difficult-to-crimp grass crops. Fitted with the latest safety curtains, new crop shields and transporting lighting offer additional safety features.