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On the 17th October 2018, Richard Edwards, CEO of Anpario plc attended the inaugural International Trade Dinner, hosted by the Rt Hon the Lord Mayor, Alderman Charles Bowman and Lady Mayoress of London at Mansion House. As huge supporters of free trade around the world on behalf of the City of London, the dinner was attended by 300 leaders of British Industries to discuss the role of the UK as a centre for financial and professional services, attracting global business investments and promoting export growth.

Charles Bowman, Roberto Azevedo and Liam Fox

Director General of the Trade Organisation, Roberto Azevedo, discussed WTO modernisation to preserve and strengthen the trading World system into one that will meet the challenges of today and continues to serve our economies and communities for generations to come”.

The Secretary of State for International Trade, the Rt Hon Liam Fox MP, outlined how free and open trade has allowed people to improve their lives, by giving them access to global opportunities, sharing knowledge, skills and experience by the exchange of goods and services and thus giving the world’s poorest the ability to trade their way out of poverty. He concluded that the UK now has a “once in a generation chance to shape a better future for our own people and realise the highest ambitions of our businesses”.

Richard Edwards, CEO of Anpario plc, firmly believes in work that the WTO and DTI do to support UK exports. “As a British company producing Specialist Feed Additives, trading in over 80 countries around the world, export accounts for over 85% of Anpario’s revenue. The ability to foster these open trading relationships are essential to enable Anpario to bring innovative natural solutions to farmers, helping to produce healthy food in a world with growing populations and finite resources without the use of antibiotics in a sustainable and natural way”.

About Anpario:

Anpario plc is a UK based, world-leading, innovation driven animal health company producing Specialist Feed Additives that work in harmony with the natural aspects of both the animals’ biology and environment to promote healthy growth. Anpario employs 115 people and operates in more than 80 countries worldwide with over £30 million sales in 2017. For more information please see