Oct. 23 2018 09:46 AM

Dairy Money Matters book consolidates 25 years of advice from columnist Gary Sipiorski to create an approachable “survival guide” for financial decision making.

Financial awareness is as critical a “leg” to the dairy industry as cow comfort, feed and nutrition, and healthy working relationships. Gary Sipiorski has set out over the last 25 years in his Money Matters column in Hoard’s Dairyman to provide bite-sized lessons and guidance with just that mission in mind. Now, you can find all of his advice combined into a single book titled Dairy Money Matters that is available through the Hoard’s Dairyman online bookstore, www.hoards.com/bookstore.

Corey Geiger, managing editor at Hoard’s Dairyman, relayed his praise, “By combining his impressive storytelling ability with his incredible financial know-how, Gary Sipiorski brings farm finance to life in a fashion that everyone can easily understand. Above all, Gary appreciates hardworking dairy folks, and he poured his heart and soul into this book to help improve the livelihoods for the dedicated dairy farm families who have read his Money Matters column on the pages of Hoard’s Dairyman since 1994.”

Throughout his career, from his work in the feed industry at Ralston Purina (Purina Mills) to working his way from agricultural loan officer to president and CEO of Citizens State Bank of Loyal, Sipiorski has been actively involved in Wisconsin’s rural economic development. Gary now works directly with dairy farmers through his dairy development manager role at Vita Plus, as well as developing financial training tools for the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW).

“I was delighted to see the enthusiastic interest in my book Dairy Money Matters,” said Sipiorski. “At times, I thought it would have been best to see the book released in 2014 when milk prices where high, then readers would have given additional thought in dealing with the incomes that year. However, with the general farm economy as it is today, financial awareness is at a high level. Readers will find reviewing the chapters, which deal with different economic times and issues, helpful in sorting business dairy farm decisions. I wish everyone – dairy farmers, educators, lenders, and any business that serves the industry – the very best as they find value in the book’s pages.”

Book Reviews

Readers of his column and leaders in the finance industry have expressed gratitude and acclamation for Sipiorski’s new book.

Dairy Money Matters contains nearly a half-century of institutional knowledge by a professional who has worn many hats while growing up on a dairy farm, and becoming an agribusiness banker, an adviser of the Federal Reserve, and a consultant. This book is full of business, financial, and management nuggets that can be customized to your situation or profession. It includes a combination of concepts and principles interwoven with interesting personal stories and anecdotes. This book would make an excellent primer for any business course in dairy management. It’s been a pleasure to work side-by-side with Gary through many economic cycles and changes in the dairy industry.”

Dr. David M. Kohl

Professor Emeritus

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Hall of Fame

Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, Virginia

“In this publication, Gary provides a meaningful, honest evaluation of what characteristics and financials are needed to compete in the dairy industry . . . As technology and economies of scale continue to change the dairy industry, future readers of this book will find his advice beneficial. Given the size and complexity of dairy operations’ credit needs, banks have continued to push for the financial record sophistication that is outlined in this book.”

John P. Olsen

Past President and CEO

Denmark State Bank/Denmark Bancshares

Denmark, Wisconsin

Dairy Money Matters is a primer that all aspiring dairymen and dairywomen, both present and future, need to read and comprehend. Throughout, the book is replete with management tips and key financial ratios that are required knowledge tantamount to successful dairy farm management. Gary’s book also leads the dairy farmer into the appropriate discussion as to management and ownership succession, a topic that provides more puzzlement among farmers than any other issue. He also stresses a work-life balance under his ‘intangibles for a good life’ as being important to the whole family. In the current dairy economic downturn, many farmers withdraw from discussion and research. Lessons from this book should lead them to conclude that openness and frankness can point them to improved economic solutions. This book should be included in all dairy farm libraries.”

Gary R Weirauch

Past President and Chairman

Citizens State Bank of Loyal

Loyal, Wisconsin

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