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Thank You for visiting 4dBarn in the World Dairy Expo 2018. It was our pleasure to participate show for the third time! We had a lot of good discussions about work efficiency and cow comfort in a robot barn.

Finnish 4dBarn is a leading independent consulting company, offering unique robot barn functional design and troubleshooting for dairy farms. Our mission is to coach the farmer and help him to design the barn which suites his goals and management. Each of the layouts is designed around the unique management style of the producer.

We emphasize animal health and welfare, good management and labour efficiency. Our consultation services focus on optimizing labour efficiency through barn design, cow traffic systems, and gate placement.

4dBarn has made a field survey timing and following morning tasks in the robot barn. Our international data has over 50 barns and it shows a huge variation in labour efficiency between farms, from 140 to 940 litres of milk/labour hour. There´s a lot of potentials to improve when we compare the amount of milk/labour hour or time consumption minutes per cow. It is clear that just having an automatic milking system in a barn, doesn’t make it labour efficient or guarantee good milk production.

We in 4dBarn think of barn as a tool for milk production. Most important points in designing a functional tool are to ensure cow comfort and fluent cow flow together with good and efficient working routines. As with any tool, usage is in the hub. We know how an efficient robotic barn works and help our customers to get a perfect tool for their needs.

4dBarn design concept can be adapted to any size of farms and we do functional design for new barns as well as existing barns converted to robotic milking. Most of our projects are in Scandinavia, but we work globally.

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