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Today, 12 is a lucky number at ABS Global, Inc, as 12 new Icon Sires™ are added to the continually growing list of Icons.

“Never before has a group of sires been made available with as much genetic potential,” said Ryan Starkenburg, ABS Global Product Development Senior Geneticist, Dairy Strategy. “ABS is pleased to launch this exquisite group of high-ranking Holsteins and a Jersey as ABS Icon Sires.”

Icon Sires introduced today include Holstein sires, 29HO18772 DENOVO 7921 ATRIUM-ET, 29HO18783 DENOVO 14400 ADVANCE-ET, 29HO18784 WILRA ABS AMPLIFY-ET, 29HO18799 DENOVO 7947 GLITZ-ET, 29HO18804 DENOVO 14378 AFTON-ET, 29HO18812 PINE-TREE ADVISOR-ET, 29HO18813 PINE-TREE DEFENSE-ET, 29HO18823 SEAGULL-BAY BRAVE-ET, 29HO18836 DENOVO 14417 GOOGLE-ET, 29HO18906 MR RI-VAL-RE FREE BILLY-ET, and 29HO18923 BOMAZ SAIGE-ET, and Jersey sire 29JE4110 JX ABS TLD HEINZ {3}-ET.

The Holstein sires impressively average over 1000 NM$, but the key to profitability is found in their individual attributes. With the genetic potential to increase combined fat and protein yield by over 160 pounds, this group also offers to improve daughter pregnancy rates by nearly 3 percentage points. This exciting profit potential is further enhanced by moderate frame size to improve efficiency and low calving difficulty scores, he explains.

Not to be outdone, the Jersey Icon Sire combines high scores for CM$ and JPI with high-component yield and considerable improvement in daughter pregnancy rate.

“This group gives producers plenty of options choosing the right genetic combination to fit the needs of the herd,” Starkenburg concludes. “ABS is very excited to have these strong sires be part of our overall offering.”

For more information on these and other Icon Sires, go to or talk with your ABS representative today.

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