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MIN-AD, Inc., producer of MIN-AD®, a calcium magnesium carbonate supplement for dairy and beef cattle, has updated its website at to better meet the needs of feed mills, nutritionists and producers, according to Mike Crombie, CEO.

“The new MIN-AD website offers a greatly improved user experience,” said Crombie. “We’ve streamlined the navigation and eliminated redundancies, so visitors can find the information they need faster and more efficiently.”

In addition to improved navigation, the site now features a “Find MIN-AD” page with a clickable map of the United States providing local contact information for MIN-AD suppliers.

MIN-AD is a palatable, naturally-occurring calcium magnesium carbonate supplement proven to be an effective buffer, rumen microbial growth enhancer, and highly bioavailable source of calcium and magnesium. Mined entirely in the United States, MIN-AD provides nutritional advantages on both dairies and feedlots. For more information, call (888) 848-8178 or visit