Nov. 28 2018 10:54 AM
The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

After 27 years of progressive leadership with Hoogwegt, Dalyn Dye will step down as President and CEO of the company effective December 31, 2018 to pursue new opportunities and interests.

Dalyn joined the company as a trader in 1992 shortly after Hoogwegt was founded in the U.S. Within two years he joined the management team and was instrumental in developing our U.S. dairy activities and derivatives trading activities. In 2001 Dalyn was appointed President and CEO of the U.S. operations where he brought strategic vision and leadership that lead to investments and partnerships in Cocoa Trading, Dairy Ingredients, Cheese Trading and most recently in the building of our Lone Star Dairy Products plant in Texas.

Additionally, Dalyn has been a member of key Hoogwegt Global Advisory and Steering Committees and he has served the broader dairy industry through various board positions with American Butter Institute, U.S. Dairy Export Council and most recently as Vice Chairman with American Dairy Products Institute.

We thank Dalyn for his many years of service with Hoogwegt and his contribution to our organization. We wish him well in his future.

We are pleased to announce we have an excellent successor. Theodorus (Theo) Knegtel, currently General Manager at Meelunie Inc. in Detroit, will join Hoogwegt U.S. in January 2019.

Theo has been active in global ingredient trade for most of his career and brings a vast set of skills and trading knowledge with him. He joined Meelunie in 2008 and has held various commercial roles in the Amsterdam office where he played a key role in building the commercial team. In 2016 he moved to Detroit to become GM of the Meelunie US operation. He has done a excellent job in expanding Meelunie Inc. both through supply side offerings as well as customer relations.

We wish Theo success and we are looking forward to working with him in his new role.