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PortaCheck is pleased to announce they are now distributing an on-farm glucose test that has been incorporated into their BHBCheck Plus ketone monitoring system. “Checking glucose levels before administering dextrose to a cow with high ketone levels may prevent unnecessary stress on her system that is already at risk for more serious complications,” said PortaCheck president, Mike Gavin. “Veterinarians and producers can use our new Blood Glucose Test on chronically ketotic cows, just-fresh sick cows and off-feed cows that don’t have any other clinical signs. Knowledge of these cows’ glucose status can help determine the most accurate way to treat.”

PortaCheck has become an on-farm testing leader with a full product line that assists producers in making management decisions and improving animal health. The company also provides the BHBCheck Plus™ blood ketone test, the PortaBHB® milk ketone test, the UdderCheck™ sub-clinical mastitis test, and the PortaSCC® milk test for cows and goats. These reliable tools are available in more than 65 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit or call 856.231.8894.