APN Consulting: May newsletter: Employee handbooks - Why do you need them and what should they look like?

Hello! Although this is not a very popular topic, I think it's a very important one for dairy producers. I many times see problems with employees at dairies that could be easily avoided if the dairy employer would have an employee handbook. This is why this month's "Tip of the month" is focused on employee handbooks. To read the article, go to www.apndairy.com. Also, this month I'm sharing some of the pictures of my trip to China from April. What an experience! Check it out. http://www.apndairy.com/Photos.html I have also added a couple of new articles I wrote, one for Hoards Dairyman "3 key drivers of feeders success". The other article is in Spanish and came out in Revista Infortambo from Argentina. The topic is also on feeding management. I hope you enjoy the updates! Felix Soriano APN Consulting felix@apndairy.com 05.04.2011