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House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Ranking Member Mike Conaway of Texas introduced a resolution today honoring the 100th anniversary of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

“Farm Bureau has a long history of advocacy for American farmers, ranchers and rural communities, and should be proud of the work they’ve done on their behalf,” said Peterson. “AFBF understands the challenge farmers face in producing more, using less, and communicating successfully with consumers, and I wish them success in the years to come.”

“Fresh off the completion of the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s fitting that we pay tribute to an organization that was so instrumental in helping Congress craft sound agricultural policy and get it to the president for his signature,” said Conaway. “Farm Bureau serves as a model for successful grassroots advocacy on behalf of rural America, and I want to congratulate them on their centennial.”

Chairman Peterson and Ranking Member Conaway will invite their colleagues in the House to join them in sponsoring the resolution.

Farm Bureau wraps up its annual convention this week in New Orleans.