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Steven Smith was named Northeastern Sales Manager for Virtus Nutrition, a California based feed ingredient company, specializing in fatty acid nutrition.

“I am excited that Steven has joined the Virtus Nutrition team,” explains Dan Andreasen, Director of Business Development for Virtus Nutrition. “Steven has experience with many facets of the dairy industry which includes dairy herd management, dairy consultant/ration formulation, and most recently with his sales position with a major ingredient supplier.”

Steven Smith began his sales role with Virtus Nutrition in November covering the Northeastern territory of New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Eastern Canada. Smith, who has been working in the dairy industry for over 25 years, brings a strong educational background with him to Virtus with a M.S. degree in Agriculture Education from State University of New York, as well as a B.S. degree in Animal Science from Cornell University.

“I am looking forward to sharing some of the latest information in the fatty acid discussion,” Smith explained “as this is an aspect of dairy cattle nutrition that is just now becoming a nutrient level discussion topic.” Smith’s other goals with current and future Virtus Nutrition customers include providing emphasis on the improvement of dairy cattle breeding program efficiency, and to focus on transition cow success, as Smith believes this is a key margin opportunity for dairies.

Previously, Smith worked as a Technical Sales Manager for a feed manufacturer, as well as a Dairy Nutrition Advisor. Along with his strong work background, Steven is very active in his community involvement with Fusion Community Church as a men’s ministry leader, dairy cattle judging, and a lifetime member of the National FFA Alumni.
Smith may be contacted by email at or by phone at (518) 207-7112.

Company Overview: As the industry leader in fatty acid nutrition for dairy cattle, Virtus Nutrition precisely formulates and manufactures innovative dairy feed ingredients that are proven to drive significant improvements in production efficiency and reproductive performance. Virtus Nutrition collaborates with leading industry researchers to improve the understanding of fatty acids in the diet, develops innovative products, and manufactures them to the tightest specifications to optimize their powerful results. For more information about Virtus Nutrition, please visit the website at and