Jan. 23 2019 04:44 PM

MilkPEP calls on industry to share real dairy stories as part of new platform

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

The dairy community is coming together to re-ignite the milk category and increase trust and relevance in dairy among consumers.

“Real milk is the real deal. We’re painfully aware there’s increasing competition and changing consumer habits and demands, but milk is still a top choice for so many people because it’s got so much going for it,” said Julia Kadison, chief executive officer at MilkPEP. “And today, there’s even more reason to connect people to milk in real and salient ways, making sure that they recognize and realize the importance milk plays in their daily lives.”

Dairy Community Committed to Re-Energize the Category
From the farmers and their commitment to responsible production and sustainable nutrition to milk brands offering on-trend products, to retailers providing compelling experiences in the milk case, the entire dairy supply chain is building milk salience and inspiring consumers to choose real milk.

To kick start transformation, MilkPEP worked on a new vision to deliver against the common objective of increasing milk consumption by aligning with today’s consumer values and food-forward culture. Inspired by dairy milk’s unique and ownable role in people’s lives, and the insight that people are craving authenticity in a world where so much is ‘fake’, the organizations came to a central idea of “realness.” Milk has something worth sharing: real food made by real people, and contributing to so many things that really matter in Americans’ lives.

“Over the past year, the community has come together through the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy to share the story of dairy from farm to table,” said Beth Engelmann, chief marketing and communications officer at Dairy Management, Inc. “As we continue to build on the momentum of Undeniably Dairy, our campaign to increase trust and relevance with consumers, we are excited for the partnership and collaboration with MilkPEP, under the theme of real—showcasing that there is no substitute for real dairy. The community also continues to work together on priority areas that will reinforce dairy’s role in sustainable nutrition while highlighting our commitments to animal care, environmental stewardship, and innovating to meet consumers’ evolving tastes and nutritional needs. Our shared goal is to connect consumers to the great work of the dairy community and to the people behind the nutritious, responsibly produced and real dairy foods they love.”

“We talked to people, especially Moms, and they told us that many of the experiences that really matter in their daily lives include, and are sometimes centered around real milk – from a family dinner with creamy homemade soup to a delicious latte with a friend,” said Kadison. “Milk is a real, wholesome and delicious part of so many real, happy moments.”

MIlkPEP’s new consumer campaign links milk to what really matters
MilkPEP’s new consumer campaign, Milk. Love What’s Real, launches today. Built on a new brand promise: to inspire people to savor what’s real and what really matters, the campaign leverages milk’s core values to build stronger emotional connections and reminds Americans of all the ways and places milk contributes to and helps celebrate what really matters to them – from health and fitness, connections and experiences with family and friends, great food and mealtimes.

The fully integrated campaign includes new television and digital content, shopper and in-store elements and lots of social media. The new campaign will be brought to life by real voices across total market reaching critical targets – moms, kids and adult exercisers – beginning with award-winning cookbook author, blogger and host of Food Network show Girl Meets Farm, Molly Yeh.

Share Dairy Milk Love

To celebrate the launch of the dairy community’s new platform, MilkPEP announced today at Dairy Forum a call for dairy community stories that embody the new campaign via a new sweepstakes.

“As an industry, we have so many real stories to tell from the farmer to marketers to brands. And, we know from consumers that these real stories matter to them,” said Kadison. “So we want to hear from your company or from you as an individual about how milk and dairy are part of what really matters in your everyday life.”

Dairy community members who share a photo on Instagram showing a meaningful moment involving milk or dairy with #LoveWhatsReal #UndeniablyDairy and #Sweepstakes through February 28, 2019 will be entered to win a culinary experience for two to celebrate National Dairy Month in June.

For more information, visit MilkPEP.org.