The 2011 Prometheus Award as Best Life Science Company in Iowa and another Prometheus Award as Technology Company of the Year in Iowa. These awards were given to us by the Technology Association of Iowa, one of largest and most prominent business groups in the Midwest. Have no doubt, we are proud to be recognized by our peers in the technology and bioscience business world, but the real pride comes from another source: you. Yes, it's natural to wonder what an industry award has to do with your getting more money per pound per animal on the farm. The thought that occurs to me is that this award is simply a valuable affirmation of something much bigger, something well beyond getting a trophy at nice banquet. It's an affirmation that the investment we are making in research, in the systems we need to organize and act on that research, and in state of the art manufacturing, is working, and working very well. Because at the end of the day, the only meaningful way to measure our technology and manufacturing and research investment is to know whether our customers are seeing gainful results in their daily, monthly and yearly production. If our technology and research isn't working every day on your farm, no awards program can make up for that. Diamond V President and CEO John Bloomhall accepted the 2011 Prometheus Award. 05.09.2011