Farmers and ranchers may be spending more time online now than they did five years ago, but they may not be satisfied with their results. The farmers and ranchers surveyed who spent more than 30 minutes each day on the Internet jumped from 31 percent five years ago to 75 percent today, according to a new survey conducted by AgHaven. And while 12 percent say they did not use the Internet five years ago, that number has decreased to just 3 percent today. AgHaven surveyed more than 100 farmers and ranchers to find out their online habits. The results uncovered that more than 80 percent of those surveyed use Google for their ag-related searches, but that nearly half of those surveyed were frustrated when search results were not relevant and there were too many options and answers. Growers, ranchers and other ag industry professionals now have a better option with AgHaven. AgHaven recently announced the launch of its website – – which is designed to provide relevant search results specific to agriculture. The new cutting-edge search engine technology that fuels AgHaven is semantic-based, which means the online search knows you are only interested in ag-related terms and only turns up relevant results. The site also offers online marketplace and networking opportunities. Registration on the site is free and easy, and registered users control how much information they share with the site and with other registered users. Visit for more information. About AgHaven AgHaven is a collaboration of cutting edge search engine technology and agriculture industry expertise that revolutionizes the way agriculture is presented and searched on the web. Focusing strictly on agriculture, the company is dedicated to providing farmers, ranchers and other ag industry professionals with relevant search, e-commerce capabilities, ag news and market analysis, and online networking. To learn more or request information, visit or call 1-800-478-7332. For more information, contact: Kenna Rathai, Kenna B. Rathai Communications 815.422.0321 / Sarah Farlee, AgHaven 620.227.7171 / April 13, 2011