I placed this class of Guernsey cows B-D-A-C. B sorts herself to the top of this class because of her overall balance, style, dairy strength, and superior mammary system. B places over D because she shows more bloom to her mammary system and is higher and wider with a more correct turn at the top of her rear udder. She also has a distinct advantage in balance and symmetry of her udder, criticizing D for being light on her right side. I would grant D is wider through her rump and has a stronger pastern.

D places over A because of her definite advantage in dairy strength, being longer in the neck, sharper at the point of withers, flatter in her bone, and cleaner thigh. D also has a more correct rear leg, being stronger in her pastern and deeper in her heel. I would grant A shows more balance of udder.

A places over C because of her overall dairy strength. A is wider through her chest, stronger in her heart with more capacity, being deeper ribbed and more depth of barrel. A also shows more bloom to her udder. I would grant C shows more dairyness and is cleaner throughout. C places last due to her udder being very narrow through her rear udder with a lack of defined crease.

About the Judge . . Jim Meyer

Jim Meyer
Chenoa, Ill.
Meyer placed the GUERNSEYS. From 2005 to 2018, Meyer was a classifier with Holstein Association USA. He also is affiliated with his family’s Erdman Dairy and Myown Guernseys. Over the years, Meyer either bred or developed All-American nominations in three different dairy breeds. An accomplished judge, Meyer has judged four different breeds throughout the years. In additional to judging the North American International Livestock Show, Meyer judged state fairs in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Meyer and his wife, Ann, have three adult children.