I place this class of Jersey cows A-D-C-B. A uses her advantages in mammary system, dairy character, and frame to place over D. A is more level on the udder floor and has a longer fore udder that blends more smoothly into the body wall. I also prefer her teat size and placement over D. In addition, A is more level from hooks to pins with a more correct thurl placement. A is also cleaner in the hock than D. Finally, A exhibits more breed character than D, being more feminine in her head. I will grant that D has a higher, wider rear udder attachment than A.

In a close placing, D edges out C with her great advantage in body capacity, being more open through her rib structure and showing more spring and depth of rear rib. She is also deeper in the chest and wider in the pins than C. D has more dairy quality, angularity, and openness. She is cleaner through her head and neck and shows more definition over her ribs and pins. And D has more width in the rear udder attachment. I admit C has more correct slope from hooks to pins and blends more smoothly in the shoulder.

In the final pair, C places over B on mammary system. C has more definition of crease and a wider rear udder. C shows a stronger fore udder attachment and is more level on the udder floor. C is more correct on her front and rear legs, standing squarer on her front legs and tracking straighter on her rear legs. I do grant that B has a cleaner and flatter hock. However, she lacks the udder quality and strength of median suspensory ligament to place higher in the class.

About the Judge . . . Terri Packard

Terri Packard
Boonsboro, Md.
Packard placed the JERSEYS. She operates South Mountain Jerseys and Kueffner Holsteins with her husband, Ernest Kueffner. They have bred, developed, and marketed a select group of Holsteins, Jerseys, and Brown Swiss, some of which have become Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo, the Royal Winter Fair, and the All-American Dairy Show. In 2018, they owned or co-owned 14 All-American nominations. Packard also is brand and social media manager for Emerald Valley Artisans cheese and the Marketplace at Emerald Valley. She has judged shows in eight states, along with the Eastern States Exposition.