April 16 2019 01:14 PM

American Dairy Association North East Seeks Dairy Enthusiasts for Grassroots Promotion

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

New York county dairy princess candidates are sought for the 2019-2020 dairy promotion year.

Qualifications include:

1. Legal resident of New York and legally reside in the county in which she is running.

2. Be one of the following:

  • A daughter of a dairy farmer
  • A daughter of a dairy farm manager or herdsman
  • A daughter of someone employed in a dairy-related industry (dairy farm store, dairy feed supplier, veterinarian, milk inspector, milk truck driver or dairy cooperative)
  • Employed herself as one of the above
  • She must be the owner of at least two dairy cows in a 4-H or FFA club
  • Served her county a full year as an alternate, dairy maid or ambassador
  • She must be sponsored by a farm in the county where she lives

3. She must be between 16-24 years old, before the state pageant competition

4. If under 18 years of age, she must have parental consent.

5. Be single, never married, have no children and must not get married nor pregnant during her reign. If one should become pregnant and/or married during her reign, her title is resigned immediately.

County princess responsibilities include:

  1. Each dairy princess must attend the New York state training seminar in July.
  2. To compete for a state princess title, they must complete all the base requirements prior to state pageant in February 2020.
  3. All local dairy promoter appearances must be approved by and are the responsibility of the local dairy promotion committee.
  4. Local princesses and courts should be available for any dairy promotion and all dairy-related organizations.
  5. It at the county committee’s direction to allow or not allow alternate dairy princess(es) to wear a crown.
  6. A county pageant must be held any time prior to the training seminar.
  7. Dairy promoters must follow the guidelines of the local promotion committee.
  8. County princesses must attend their district meeting and give a brief reign update.

American Dairy Association North East manages the New York Dairy Princess program by hosting the pageant, providing trainings, and including the promoters in dairy campaigns and programs, among other activities, during the year.

For more information, contact Dawn Houppert at dhouppert@milk4u.org, or at 315.472.9143.

About American Dairy Association North East

American Dairy Association North East (ADA North East) is the dairy farmer-funded organization funded by participating dairy farmer’s checkoff investment to build demand and sales for milk and dairy foods throughout the local region. Representing nearly 11,000 dairy farm families in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and northern Virginia, ADA North East develops and implements local programs to drive milk and dairy sales at retail outlets and in schools. The organization also conducts consumer education about dairy through events, traditional and social media, and in collaboration with health professionals through National Dairy Council®. ADA North East works closely with Dairy Management Inc.™, the national dairy checkoff organization, to support nutrition research, national partnerships and developing export markets for dairy to bring a fully integrated promotion program to the region. For more information, visit www.AmericanDairy.com.