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Controlling quality is important with any manufacturer. Burch tank has recently installed a new head forming machine to help control their quality improvement processes while increasing efficiency.

Burch Tanks head forming machines are capable of forming heads in either round or elliptical shapes. They are capable of dished and flanging using stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel, with a 2’ to 12’ diameter and a maximum thickness of 5/8”. This machine is used as an integral part of the manufacturing process that requires precise forming of tank trailer heads.

“Due to the fact that each tank is custom made, this piece of machinery is invaluable. We can truly customize all tanks to the exact size the customer wants and needs” according to Jeff Harrison, CEO of Burch Tank and Truck, Inc. “By adding this machine to our assists, we can also really control the total quality of the machine” “In addition to our press brake, plate roll machine and new laser cutter this allows us to produce precise parts for all of our equipment helping to make the highest quality tanks possible.”

About Bruch Tank & Truck Inc.:

Burch Tank & Truck Inc. has been a leader in the tank industry since 1990, manufacturing tanks for the agricultural, chemical, crude oil, petroleum, ISO and industrial gas industries. Our manufacturing facility is located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Equipped with approximately 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space for fabrication, manufacturing, and repairs, a newly remolded office, and a fully stocked Burch Parts Store, which all sits on twenty-five acres of enclosed land. We are an innovative company leading the industry with new ideas and designs.