May 14 2019 08:07 AM

Maryland's Breakfast on the Farm Invites Attendees for Second Year

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The University of Maryland Department of Animal and Avian Sciences is excited to offer this year’s 2019 Breakfast on the Farm event on Saturday June 22, 2019, in Middletown, Md. Valley-Ho Farm, the Burrier and Derr Families will be graciously hosting the festivities. The farm is located at 7800 Picnic Woods Rd., Middletown, MD 21769.

The goal of Breakfast on the Farm is to connect local consumers to farmers, giving families an up-close and personal look at how food is grown and raised.

Attendees will be able to learn about topics such as proper animal care, crop production, milk production, and operation of farm equipment. Visitors will also be able to participate in various hands-on activities, see a milking demonstration, and enjoy ice cream.

Maryland’s 2019 Breakfast on the Farm host family is Valley-Ho Farm of Middletown, Md. Chris and Jamie Derr and their two sons Levi and Zach, along with John “Pappy” and Chris’ mother Kaye Derr welcome visitors to their farm on June 22nd.

“We love getting to work every day with the land and cattle we are entrusted,” shares Jamie Derr, owner. “We love seeing things grow; whether it’s a baby-calf into an adult-cow or a corn seed into a plant, ready to harvest. We love producing healthy and safe food for our consumers.” Valley-Ho Farm is nestled in the hills of Frederick County, spanning over 180 acres, plus another 40 acres rented to the rear of the farm. “We grow corn, BMR (Brown midrib) sorghum sudan grass, barley, soybeans, and hay,” explains Chris Derr, owner.

The farm family also milks an average of 75-Holstein cows and raise 80 heifers to incorporate into the future herd. “We love what we do and believe in it,” shares Jamie. “Farming can be hard and sometimes even heartbreaking, but it is something we feel called to do and we are passionate about doing.”

Breakfast on the Farm is a perfect example of how consumers can get a first-hand look into how agriculture is vital for the state of Maryland. Some highlights our host farm would recommend seeing is a peek inside the history behind the farm, scenes of wide-open acreage cared for by generations of family, hay barn and farmhouse foundations standing with historic time, and trees lining the long farm lane welcoming visitors.

Valley-Ho Farm was originally purchased in 1962 by John (Pappy) and the late Ruth-Ellen Burrier where they dairy farmed until the late 1980s before transitioning to heifer raising and crop farming. In 2008, Chris and Jamie Derr, with the help of their two sons Levi and Zach, took over the farm operations in in 2013 were able to update facilities, purchase a dairy herd and begin milking cows again. Their four-generation family farm, with help from Pappy and Chris’ mother Kaye Derr, is focused on producing top-quality milk and exceptional animal husbandry practices.

Curious and excited visitors are welcome to visit the farm on June 22nd with breakfast ticket in-tow ready for a self-guided tour. Although the event is free, families interested in attending the event are required to reserve a ticket at