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Appleton, Wisconsin hosted the 2019 National Holstein Convention June 24 through June 27, where youth had the opportunity to show off their dairy knowledge in Dairy Bowl, Dairy Jeopardy and Dairy Knowledge Exam.

Dairy Jeopardy

More than 75 participants, broken into three divisions, competed in Dairy Jeopardy. Based on the popular TV game show, youth compete individually, answering dairy industry-related questions and wagering points, testing not only their industry knowledge but their critical thinking and risk management skills. The top three individuals in each division were:

Junior Division:

  • 1st place, Isaiah Hammerand, Iowa
  • 2nd place, Jacob Harbaugh, Wisconsin
  • 3rd place, Brady Bleck, Wisconsin

Intermediate Division:

  • 1st place, Courtney Glenna, Wisconsin
  • 2nd place, Trenton Hammerand, Iowa
  • 3rd place, Trevor Clapp, Massachusetts

Senior Division:

  • 1st place, Paige Demun, New York
  • 2nd place, Isabelle Leonard, Virginia
  • 3rd place, Brock Irwin, Illinois

Dairy Knowledge Exam

The Dairy Knowledge Exam is open to any youth attending the National Junior Holstein Convention who wants to put their brain to the test with a 25-question written test. The winners of each age division are:

Junior Division:

  • 1st place: Hayley Daubert, Virginia
  • 2nd place: Jennifer DeVries, California
  • 3rd place: Rachel Craun, Virginia

Senior Division:

  • 1st place: Isabelle Leonard, Virginia
  • 2nd place: Greg Norris, Massachusetts
  • 3rd place: Summer Henschel, Wisconsin

Dairy Bowl

Teams of four compete head-to-head to see who can buzz in first to answer questions related to the dairy industry. A total of 30 teams competed in two divisions. The Junior Division (ages 9-15) championship round came down to teams from Pennsylvania and New York. New York was named champion in the Junior Division and the team consists of Gabriella Taylor, George Andrew Jr., Kailey Kuhn, Alysha Kuhn and coached by Jonathan Taylor.

Senior division (ages 16-21) finalists consisted of teams from California and Virginia. After several rounds of competition, California came out victorious. Team members include Hayley Fernandes, Jacob Fernandes, Kylie Konyn and Abbi Prins, coached by Kirsten Areias.

J. George & Anna Smith Sportsmanship

One team in each Dairy Bowl division is awarded for exemplifying principles of courtesy, friendliness and team spirit throughout the competition. Minnesota was honored in the Junior division, with team members Mauston Krueger, Grady Schuft, Alex Schroeder, and Kate Schmidt coached by Jason Schroeder. In the Senior division, the award went to the Pennsylvania team, consisting of Caroline Arrowsmith, Roy Bramm, Madison Weaver and Amber Pownall, coached by Mandy Arrowsmith, Betsy Pownall and Amy Savage.

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