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International Protein Sires (IPS) experienced genetic enhancements to their superior Holstein lineup resulting from the August sire summaries. “We are delighted with the enhancements to our Holstein sire lineup. The new additions along with the reinforced genetics to our existing sires adds confidence for our dedicated following. Our diversified offering provides something for everyone, with an emphasis on dairy cattle that provide superior performance from durable conformation. These developments are further testament to our mantra, Breeding Cows, Not Numbers,” stated Ron Sersland, IPS President and CEO.

566HO1322 GO TO Guy is a leader for genetic enhancement at +2806 GTPI. This GTPI would rank him in the #87 in the USA. This new release with the A2A2 marker is loaded with impressive credentials. At +1911 lbs. milk, GO TO GUY also touts great components. He’s +86 lbs. fat (+.05%) and +85 lbs. protein (+.09%). GO TO GUY is slated to improve physical traits across the board. Health traits are also a strong suit being +7.2 for productive life and +973 NM$. A Skywalker son, GO TO GUY is from a promising daughter of Magnus.

566HO1323 RUVEDA is another leader slated for genetic advancement at +2810 GTPI. This GTPI would rank #77 in the USA. Especially strong for components, RUVEDA is +89 lbs. fat (+.15%) along with +57 lbs. protein (+.07%). His health traits are exceptional; +8.9 PL, $1061 DWP$ and +1007 NM$. An overall mammary improver, look for RUVEDA to add height and width of rear udders. RUVEDA’s butterfat improvement is backed by six generations above 4.5% test. This impressive genetic package is from a Flagship daughter and sired by Michelob.

566HO1315 GOAL remains strong at +2779 GTPI and continues to be ranked in the TOP 200 GTPI bulls. This balanced breed improver bolsters components with +155 pounds combined fat and protein. This breaks down at +105 lbs. fat (+.25%) and +50 lbs. protein (+.08%). An A2A2 sire, GOAL also excels in conformation traits; +2.04 for type, +2.24 UDC and +1.95 FLC. GOAL’s linear profile is off the chart for udder improvement. A calving ease sire at 5%, GOAL is also exceptional for health traits at +7.2 PL and +977 DWP$. GOAL is an Achiever son from a Delta daughter. Note that high components dominate his maternal family line. GOAL is available in sexed and conventional semen.

566HO1312 REDLIGHT-Red is a breed leader in type among Red Holstein sires. With the August proofs, REDLIGHT’s type traits were enhanced across the board; +3.78 type, +3.90 UDC and +1.98 FLC. This makes REDLIGHT the #1 udder composite and the #3 TYPE R&W genomic bull. REDLIGHT’s superior type is inherited from an exceptional cow family. He is a descendent of Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red (EX-96) and Stookey Elm Park Blackrose (EX-96) before that. An Unstopabull son, REDLIGHT is from a Very Good-86 daughter of Doorman.

These power-packed enhancements add prestige to the IPS lineup of genomic proven sires at IPS. And, they join an excellent offering of daughter proven Holstein sires. Look to IPS to complement your breeding needs. Semen may be obtained through a network of company employees and independent distributors worldwide. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may obtain additional information about IPS through their website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593