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Joshua Newman

TechMix Global hires Joshua Newman as Northeast Bovine Territory Manager. As a resident of western New York, Newman has an inside track on the dairy industry and farming culture across the region. Recent work experience for a multi-site veterinary clinic has provided connection to many producers in his new northeast territory. With extensive work experience in management roles and purchasing, he will provide customers insight on how to make optimal purchase decisions with products that perform at a high level. In fact, Joshua has a strong strategic and analysis background that will help producers during uncertain economic times while optimizing their budget and herd performance. Part of that strategy would include key TechMix products such as Bovine BlueLite®, BlueLite® ReplenishM and the new nutrient-rich transition cow bolus, YMCP Vitall®. Leadership and discipline have defined Joshua’s background from many years as a United States Marine Corps infantry squad leader then onto civilian management roles. His ability to evaluate then implement will benefit farm and veterinary customers for years to come.

“Joshua’s discipline and ability to help customers strategize at a very high level is rare.” says Mike Nelson, TechMix Global President. “Our products deliver the kind of value expected and required for optimizing performance, and more than ever his background will be really valuable during this market climate.”

In addition to his military background, Joshua has management experience with a major regional retailer and most recently was the Operations and Purchasing Manager with Perry Veterinary Clinic. With Perry, he negotiated product purchases, assessed risks, developed policies and procedures, managed budgets and developed strategies to meet operational and financial goals through products and programs centered on supporting customers.

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