Sept. 11 2019 10:44 AM

Why are Rising Concerns about PFAS Causing Some States to Push for Broader Testing on Farms with Bio-Solids?

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How could PFAS contamination impact your dairy operation? These chemicals are used in everyday items like nonstick cookware, some types of food wrapping material, clothing, dental products an more. However, they have been detected in ground water and the land of some dairy farmers bringing to question what clean up or legal actions producers could face

Could your farm be at risk?

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Learn more with your panel of experts:

Leah Ziemba


Industry Group Co-Chair, Agribusiness, Food & Beverage

Leah serves as a counselor, litigator and negotiator for clients facing challenges on environmental, food safety and regulatory compliance issues. She has experience advising clients on PFAS- related concerns.

Matthew Schroeder (M.S., P.E.)

Senior Environmental Engineer

The Dragun Corporation

Matthew brings 25 years of experience in environmental remediation and compliance for the industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural clients