Oct. 1 2019 03:04 PM

Drive efficiencies like never before by using one™feed with scale integration.

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milc group is proud to offer a new cloud-based feed software called one™feed, now with full scale integration.

Feeding cows as one team.

one™feed, connects dairy managers to their consultant, feeders, equipment and cows seamlessly using mobile devices. This real time and trackable data leads to higher feeder accuracy, efficiency and accountability. One™feed will work with any existing mixer wagon and hardware costs are kept intentionally low making it possible for any dairy to start utilizing this state-of-the-art feed program.

“With one™feed we are one step closer to making sure that cows are being fed the ration that your nutritionist formulated. Software must not be complex or expensive to be effective. Although one™feed cannot eliminate human error, it keeps people accountable through connecting the feed management team and improving overall accuracy. Afterall who’s got time for remote access and collecting software backups.” Says Manuel Soares, CEO at milc group.

For a limited time, milc group is offering free hardware to the first 50 customers using one™feed. Call 800 308 2178 to inquire or go to: https://zfrmz.com/WAeu8oq6yvAzROhWtmsq

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