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With much excitement, Holstein Association USA presents the inaugural lineup of All-National Showcase honorees. Exhibitors from all over North America paraded their finest cattle in the showring from March through November to earn points based on their show placings. The All-National Showcase Program recognizes U.S. Registered Holstein® cows and their owners for exceptional performance at National Holstein Shows.

“We are excited to recognize these outstanding animals and their owners in the first year of the All-National recognition program,” says Jodi Hoynoski, Executive Director, Holstein Identification & Member Services. “We set out to add value to Registered Holsteins in a new, free, and easy way, and hope the breeders and owners of all the animals are particularly proud!”

The top 10 animals in each class and full details on the All-National Showcase Program rules and point system can be found at

Congratulations to the following All-National Holsteins!

All-National Breeders (Tie)

  • Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, N.Y. & Reyncrest Farms Inc., Corfu, N.Y.

All-National Exhibitor

  • Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, N.Y.

Summer Heifer Calf

  • All-National: TOPPGLEN DEF WILDROSE-RED, Brennan, Marissa & Logan Topp, Ohio
  • Reserve All-National: EXPRESS-SMD UNDENIED VOODOO, Express Holsteins & Stan-Mar-Dale Holsteins, Ohio

Spring Heifer Calf

  • All-National: MS ROLLNVIEW SOLO DAY DREAM, Hayden E. Ayers, N.Y.
  • Reserve All-National: DUCKETT DOORMAN SIERRA-TW, Austin Nauman, Wis.

Winter Heifer Calf

  • All-National: BLEXYS CRUSH BUDWEISER-ET, Budjon, Vail, Abbott, Van Exel & Woodmansee, Wis.
  • Reserve All-National: CASHELLS DEFIANT LOUIS V, Diamond Hill Farms, Brian Enright & Jaquemet Holsteins, Ontario

Fall Heifer Calf

  • All-National: CRYSTAL-STAR AVLNCH CALI-ET, M. Hawbaker, MB Luckylady Farm & B. Almeida, Md.
  • Reserve All-National: BUDJON-VAIL AVA ELLUSIVE-ET, Westcoast Holsteins, British Columbia

Summer Yearling Heifer

  • All-National: WINDCROFT DR IRREPLACEABLE-ET, Westcoast Holsteins, British Columbia
  • Reserve All-National: BANOWETZ PEACH CRUSH, Shawn & Levi Banowetz, Iowa

Spring Yearling Heifer

  • All-National: REYNCREST SOLOMN LUCILLE-ET, Andrew Reynolds, N.Y.
  • Reserve All-National: HARVUE DOORMAN FIJI-ET, Jacob Bingham, Texas

Winter Yearling Heifer

  • All-National: PETITCLERC IMPRESSION AURALIE, Eaton Holsteins & Glamourview - Iager & Walton, N.Y.
  • Reserve All-National: MILKSOURCE ZEST-ET, Reyncrest Farms Inc., N.Y.

Fall Yearling Heifer

  • All-National: MASES-MANOR DBACK LUXURY, Makenna F. Mase, Pa.
  • Reserve All-National: BLEXYS DOORMAN BRANDY-ET, C. & J. Hill, T. & S. Abbott & C. Woodmansee III, Md.

Milking Yearling

  • All-National: BUDJON-VAIL SOLMN APACHE-ET, Peter & Lyn Vail & Budjon Farms, Wis.
  • Reserve All-National: OPPORTUNITY GOLD PHOENIX-ET, Triple-T Holsteins & Jamie D. Black, Ohio

Summer Junior Two-Year-Old Cow

  • All-National: HEART&SOUL DEMPSEY RAELYNN, Milk Source LLC, Wis.
  • Reserve All-National: OAKFIELD BYWAY MS TABOO-ET, Hailee Liddle, N.Y.

Junior Two-Year-Old Cow

  • All-National: PETITCLERC DOORMAN SAPPHIRE-ET, Ferme Jacobs, Inc. & T&L Cattle Ltd, Quebec
  • Reserve All-National: SWEET-PEAS GCHIP ALEX-ET, Denise Pease, Pa.

Senior Two-Year-Old Cow

  • All-National: MILKSOURCE GOLDWYN CAPRI-ET, Milk Source LLC & Robert Sabo, Wis.
  • Reserve All-National: GOLDEN-OAKS SID CHROME-ET, M., M. & M. Price & C. Cunningham, Ill.

Junior Three-Year-Old Cow

  • All-National: FRAELAND DOORMAN BONNIE, Michael & Julie Duckett, Wis.
  • Reserve All-National: QUIETCOVE FOXYS LOLLIPOP-ET, Quietcove Holsteins, Ohio

Senior Three-Year-Old Cow

  • All-National: SCO-LO-AF SID SANGRIA-ET, James Ostrom & John M. Vosters, Wis.
  • Reserve All-National: MS SMITH-OAK PW D MILLIE-ET, Oakfield Corners Dairy Show Cattle, N.Y.

Four-Year-Old Cow

  • All-National: OAKFIELD WB TIFFANY-ET, Jonathan Lamb, N.Y.
  • Reserve All-National: GLEANN BRADY PRIVATEER, M. & S. Mitchell, B. Engleking, J. Eby & Rosay Farm, Tenn.

Five-Year-Old Cow

  • All-National: SHADOW-W REGINALD MARIAN, Reese McCoy & Lilly Ann Elsass, Ohio
  • Reserve All-National: K-LAND KILO BLACK DIAMOND, Majestic View, G. Lintvedt, R. Shore & P. Probert, Wis.

Six-Year-Old & Older Cow

  • All-National: CO-VALE DEMPSY DINA 4270-ET, Milk Source LLC & Ransom Rail Farms Inc, Wis.
  • Reserve All-National: WEBB VIEW LADY BELL WILDTHING, F., C., A., L., J., L. & H. Borba, L. & D. Fraley & C., C., C. Cannon, Calif.

150,000 Lb. Lifetime Milk Production Cow

  • All-National: HAZELS GLDWN HATTY-ET, Clark W. Woodmansee III, Conn.
  • Reserve All-National: BUTZ-BUTLER GOLD BARBARA-ET, Gold Barbara LLC, Md.

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