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The official National Champions, high sellers and award winners of 2019 have been announced by the American Jersey Cattle Association. The All American events are held annually in Louisville, Ky., in conjunction with the North American International Livestock Exposition.

A total of 386 animals were exhibited in the All American Open Jersey Show. This was a year of many firsts for the elite show. The animal with the highest GJPI in each class received an award, with all the top animals competing for the titles of GJPI Junior Champion and GJPI Grand Champion. There was also a new award for the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor of the heifer show. In this year’s Jersey Jug Futurity, 31 animals went through the ring competing for a total of $8,250 in prize money. A total of 215animals were shown in the All American Junior Jersey Show. The 2019 sales were also successful – the Pot O’Gold Sale brought in an average of $2,190 on 35 lots and the All American Jersey Sale averaged $6,100 on 64 lots.

The champions, specialty award winners and high sellers were:

National Grand Champions – All American Jersey Show

  • Edgelea Tequila Sheraton, Budjon, Vail and Jordan, Lomira, Wis., National Grand Champion
  • River Valley Excitation Flawless-ET, Misty Meadow, Tillamook, Ore., Reserve National Grand Champion

National Grand Champions – All American Junior Jersey Show

  • Chili Nitro Cabo-ET, exhibited by Grace Sauder, Tremont, Ill., Junior National Grand Champion
  • Page-Crest Virtuoso 148 {5}, exhibited by Erin Leach, Linwood, Kan., Junior Reserve National Grand Champion

Premier Performance – All American Jersey Show

  • Chilli Nitro Cabo-ET, River Valley Farm, Tremont, Ill., Premier Performance Cow
  • Lyon Ajack Bay, Glamourview-Iager and Walton, Walkersville, Md., Reserve Premier Performance Cow

Premier Performance – All American Junior Jersey Show

  • Four-Hills Velocity Gloriana, owned by Megan Hill, Bristol, Vt., Junior Premier Performance Cow
  • Chilli Nitro Cabo-ET, River Valley Farm, Tremont, Ill., Junior Reserve Premier Performance Cow

GJPI Champions – New in 2019

  • KCJF Colton Dancer, Keightley and Core, Salvisa, Ky., GJPI Grand Champion
  • Homeridge T Annette, K. Nickels, T. Freson, M. Sell, S. Stanford, Watertown, Wis., GJPI Junior Champion

National Jersey Jug Futurity

  • Page-Crest Virtuoso 148 {5}, Justin, Daniel, Neveah, Emmet and Tye Chupp and Erin and Sophie Leach, Linwood, Kan., National Jersey Jug Futurity Winner
  • KCJF Tequila Sancia, exhibited by Keightley and Core, Jackson Powers, and Frank and Diane Borba, Salvisa, Ky., National Jersey Jug Futurity Reserve Winner

All American Sale – Top Sellers (tied)

  • Legendairy Viceroy Best Wishes, consigned by Tom and Jennie Seals, Beaver, Ore., purchased by Double Dutch Syndicate, Tulare, Calif., for $37,000
  • MFW Dashiell Fortuna {6}-ET, consigned by Andrew Mason, Chestertown, Md., purchased by Peak Genetics, Watertown, Wis., for $37,000

Pot O’Gold Sale – Top Seller

  • JX Ahlem Brothers Stormcloud 41090 {5}, consigned by Ahlem Brothers, Hilmar, Calif., purchased for $4,300 by Henry Dizek, Hadley, Mass.

Premier Breeder

  • Keightley and Core Jerseys, Salvisa, Ky.

Reserve Premier Breeder

  • Spring Valley Jerseys and Michael Heath, Westminister, Md.

Premier Exhibitor

  • Keightley and Core Jerseys, Salvisa, Ky.

Reserve Premier Exhibitor

  • River Valley Farm, Tremont, Ill.

Premier Breeder of Heifer Show

  • Madison Fisher, Newville, Pa.

Premier Exhibitor of Heifer Show

  • The Franchise Kind, Ashville, Ohio

Premier Junior Breeder

  • Megan Hill, Bristol, Vt.

Premier Junior Exhibitor

  • Grace Sauder, Tremont, Ill.

Results from The 67th All American Jersey Show are posted on the USJersey web site at, with complete show coverage published in the January 2020 issue of the Jersey Journal.

An annual production of the American Jersey Cattle Association, the All American is held in conjunction with the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Ky. More than 100 Jersey breeders and enthusiasts from across the United States donate their services to planning and staging the three shows, two sales and youth awards banquet that make up the most exciting weekend of dairy breed promotion in the world. For information on sponsorship opportunities, contact the All American Coordinator Kim Billman at 614/322-4451 or