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In case you missed it...get the highlights from the recent Balchem mini-symposium held prior to the Cornell Nutrition Conference. Each speaker summarized their presentation in our new Symposia Soundbites. View the full presentations on the Balchem YouTube channel.
Presentation #1: How Low Can You Go?

Dr. Larry Chase, Cornell University, provides a three-minute summary from his mini-symposium presentation held prior to the 2019 Cornell Nutrition Conference. Listen to this short interview with Andy Vance from Feedstuffs.

Symposia Soundbite (3:21)

Full Presentation (27:54)

Presentation #2: Impact of Amino Acid Balancing.

Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University, presents a brief overview of his presentation on Amino Acid balancing. Listen in as he and Andy Vance chat about the impact amino acids have on dairy herds.

Symposia Soundbite (3:42)

Full Presentation (46:49)

Presentation #3: Choline & Methionine for Transition Cows.

Dr. Tom Overton, Cornell University, shares a four-minute overview of his Cornell Nutrition Conference presentation. He outlines why both choline and methionine are required for transition cow diets.

Symposia Soundbite (3:52)

Full Presentation (38:47)

Presentation #4: Chasing Milk Protein.

Dr. Davy Brown, Compass Nutrition, shares a quick, six-minute overview of his presentation held at the Balchem mini-symposium. Listen as he chats with Andy Vance about chasing milk protein and the benefits of a methionine product.

Symposia Soundbite (5:55)

Full Presentation (33:33)

Presentation #5: Assessing Methionine Bioavailability.

Dr. Clay Zimmerman with Balchem summarized the presentation, "Assessing Methionine Bioavailability" presented by

Dr. Normand St. Pierre, Perdue AgriBusiness.

Symposia Soundbite (4:44)

Full Presentation (39:30)

Copies of the full presentation booklet from Balchem's

"Effectively Manage Low Protein Diets" Mini-Symposium are available.

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