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The Farm Workforce Modernization Act, H.R. 5038, passed through the House of Representatives today to move ag workforce reform forward.

The bill addresses the farm labor challenges faced by many of our dairy farmers by providing a process to retain our existing employees and a pathway to recruit new workers for our dairies. Edge issued this press release after today’s vote.

The bipartisan vote, 260-165, came after floor debate that highlighted some of items in the bill that are not ideal but also demonstrated that this is a compromise effort.

The vote marks a significant step forward, however the bill is still a long way from the finish line. A companion bill would have to be introduced and considered by the Senate before the president could sign the bill into law.

Here are details of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act:

The bill represents the best opportunity to accomplish a labor solution for dairy farmers for the foreseeable future. Through DBA’s sister organization, Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, we will remain actively engaged with the legislative process to ensure concerns are addressed and that the most favorable outcome is achieved for our dairy farmers.