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Energrow has taken on the Canadian distributorship for RedJacket Electric Grain Roasters of Kansas, USA as of January 2020.

Energrow is the only Canadian manufacturer of highly reliable and automated oilseed pressing systems for farmers since 2006. When pressing soybeans, their systems produce a high-quality soybean meal and oil. The pelleted feed produced is a highly palatable protein for ruminants for use in robots, TMR or top dress feeding and often replaces over 75% of a farm's purchased proteins and oils. The extracted oil adds extra value for use on farm or can be sold back to Energrow.

The RedJacket electric roasters are produced by Clark Farm Products in Baldwin, Kansas. These electric systems can be used on their own for a high-fat protein feed for both ruminant and non-ruminant rations. They can also be combined with Energrow's pressing systems for producing a lower fat heat-treated soybean meal for non-ruminants or higher bypass feed for ruminants. Other grains like corn can also be roasted, rolled and flaked with these roasters.

"We've had a lot of demand from farmers for a way to make heat treated soybean meal," says Energrow CEO Jasmin Hofer. "The technologies are a natural fit. Separate or combined, they give farmers the ability to process their own grains on-farm to consistently process their grains and significantly cut back on purchased feed costs."