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Rumen development, triggered by solid feed intake, is the key to easing weaning transitions and maintaining calf weight gains. Now AB Vista introduces the first rumen accelerator. New Axcelera-C, is a highly digestible, nutritionally dense lactose pellet.

Current feeding practices try to find a balance between supporting pre-weaning gains and cost. However, they fall short of providing calves with the best start for lifetime performance. That’s where Axcelera-C comes in to play as the first rumen accelerator. By providing a source of energy from milk sugars as opposed to starch, Axcelera-C supports the calf’s diet to present enzymes naturally.

“Calves recognize Axcelera-C as milk and find it so palatable they begin measurable intake as early as day four,” shares Bruce Hageman, North America Ruminant Business Manager. “This leads to earlier rumen development, younger weaning due to earlier solid feed intake, and faster growing calves.”

By introducing Axcelera-C, producers have seen farm management improvements such as:

  • Earlier rumen development
  • Younger weaning due to earlier solid food intake
  • Faster growing calves
  • Reduced incidence of scours
  • Reduced cost associated with feeding and medical bills

In a study from the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology, calves receiving Axcelera-C consumed almost 20 pounds more dry matter by 120 days of age. Similar results have been found across the globe, including at a large-scale New Mexico calf ranch with more than 65,000 head. The operation reduced weaning by 17 days, lowered medicine costs by 30% and reduced labor costs.

“We encourage producers to reach a range of goals with Axcelera-C, especially those conventional programs which can gain the benefits of intensive rearing without handling more liquid milk,” explains Hageman. “You can also substitute for some of the milk or replacer to reduce feed and labor costs or reach targets for heavier weaning weights and less days to weaning.”

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