ANTIBIOTICS IN ANIMAL FEED QUESTIONED by lawsuit filed in Manhattan's U.S. District Court. Case alleges that the Food and Drug Administration violated federal law by failing to withdraw approval for tetracyclines and other drugs in feed when animal health is not at stake. ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW UPHELD by Supreme Court. Requires employers use the E-Verify program in order to have a business license. Allows states to shut down businesses that hire illegal immigrants. THE 2012 FARM BILL could be difficult to write and pass, suggest speakers at the National Dairy Producers Conference. Don't expect early passage. APRIL'S 50-STATE MILK OUTPUT was up 1.5 percent over last year. Production higher for 15 straight months. Cow count was 9.186 million, up 78,000 from a year ago. Milk per cow was a record 60.5 pounds per day. CALIFORNIA SETS NEW RECORD for statewide daily milk production in April. Last set in March 2008. Overall, California up 2.6 percent. ARIZONA MILK UP 8.2 percent. Colorado and Texas up 7.8 and 7.2 percent. Wisconsin down 0.1; Pennsylvania falls 0.8; and Minnesota drops 1.9. CHEESE EXPORTS UP 86 percent during the first quarter, while butter sales double. March total export value at $415 million, a new record. NDPO unveils federal dairy policy plan with supply management and regional minimum prices. Now looking for support and sponsors on Capitol Hill. More at IDFA ANALYSIS PREDICTS that NMPF'S Stabilization Plan would slow job growth, curtail dairy exports, and increase price volatility. CHEESE BLOCKS AT $1.81, barrels, $1.81-3/4 at close. Class III futures for June to December average $18.40, July high at $19.12. WISCONSIN SPECIALTY CHEESE PRODUCTION GREW 9.5 percent last year. Now accounts for 21.2 percent of state's 2.61-billion-pound industry. BRIEFLY: Western herds 2010 net income ranged from $89 to $242 per head after $585 to $962 losses during the previous year, reports accounting firm. New Zealand's Fonterra cooperative projects record milk production for 2010-11; forecasts lower payouts next year due to strong kiwi dollar and caution over demand. Upstate Niagara Cooperative buys former Breyers yogurt plant and looks to reopen it this fall. Dairy doesn't increase heart attack risk finds study published in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases. Dairy exports could grow 11.5 percent next year predicts Economic Research Service. Exporters' deal struck with China to supply corn, fuels expectations the Asian nation will be a customer when prices for the commodity dip.
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