March 25 2020 09:38 AM

The video demonstrates how a unique class of trace minerals are more efficiently absorbed and utilized by the animal

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Zinpro Corporation, the industry leader in performance trace mineral nutrition for livestock, poultry, aquaculture, equine and companion animals, today announced that it has produced an animated video — Take the Proven Path — to educate the industry about the difference in trace mineral absorption and metabolism and why Zinpro Performance Minerals® are in a class all their own.

To be utilized efficiently by an animal, trace minerals need to be water-soluble, stable to stomach pH, absorbable and metabolically available. Take the Proven Path demonstrates how a unique, standalone class of trace minerals from Zinpro — performance trace minerals — is more efficiently absorbed and utilized, maximizing animal wellness and genetic potential.

The absorption pathway utilized by inorganic and ordinary organic trace minerals can be blocked by other minerals and antagonists, preventing efficient absorption by the small intestine. Zinpro Performance Minerals, on the other hand, are bonded to amino acids which have been found by Zinpro, and confirmed by University researchers, to allow the minerals to follow an alternative pathway — via amino acid transporters — for uptake from the small intestine into the intestinal cells. This means farmers and nutritionists can achieve peak animal performance by using a combination of inorganic trace minerals and Zinpro Performance Minerals. This allows for utilization of both the inorganic transporters and the amino acid transporters, as well as two different metabolic pathways post-absorption. Use of Zinpro Performance Minerals, the Amino Acid Pathway Minerals™, will maximize animal performance, wellness and hence profitability in a more sustainable way.

“In a world with increasing consumer demands and animal nutrition requirements, animal producers need to maintain a profitable operation while keeping sustainability and animal wellness at the forefront,” said Dr. Peter Stark, director of product development, Zinpro Corporation. “Performance trace minerals are scientifically proven to enhance every aspect of animal performance and wellness more than inorganic trace minerals and other sources of organic trace minerals — while producing less waste and improving sustainability.”

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